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Crossconnect has performed consulting, service, and installations of the Cisco Collaboration system for installations as small as 40 users and as large as 10,000 users. We support all portions of the Collaboration suite, including, but not limited to:

- Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM)
- Cisco Unity Connection (CUC)
- Cisco IM & Presence (IM&P)
- Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCCX)
- Cisco Unified Attendant Console (CUAC)
  - Cisco Telepresence Server  
  - Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)  
  - Cisco Unified SIP Proxy (CUSP)  
  - Cisco Expressway  
  - Cisco Quality Management (QM) (from Calabrio)  
  - Cisco Advanced Quality Management (AQM) (from Calabrio)  
  And from Cisco's ecosystem partners:  
  - Singlewire Informacast  
  - TigerTMS  
  Some of our specialized practices include:  
  - Workflow management.  
       In Collaboration, products are not one-size-fits-all. Crossconnect regularly works with customers to modify
  screen pops, scripts, and even mix product lines to ensure business workflows match the collaboration
  - Scripting and API work  
     - Creating custom scripts, including performing database dips to generate new types of reports  
     - Working with ecosystem developers on the Cisco Collaboration APIs  
  - Cleanup of poorly implemented installations  
    Not all systems are installed correctly, and sometimes systems are undersized and don't scale.
  Crossconnect has become well-known as a Cisco partner to turn to when a system isn't behaving correctly.
    Crossconnect has fixed hundreds of Collaboration problems, but some sample problems include:  
      - Undersized CUCM and UCCX installations causing unusual behaviors  
      - Misclocked T1s  
      - Incorrect protocols for faxing  
      - Failing call recording  
      - Message waiting indicator problems on analog phones  
      - Broken UCCX scripts  
      - Wallboards causing CPU issues in UCCX  
      - Broken API integrations  
  - SIP / Complex CUBE  
    Crossconnect often performs engagement that are "pure SIP" in nature, not specific to any one vendor.
  Experience includes coding SIP solutions on multiple platforms. As such, Cisco SIP integrations are a
  natural fit for Crossconnect.
  - Managed Services  
    Utilizing the problem-solving strategies described above, Crossconnect can provide cost-effective managed
  services, even on problematic platforms, by cleaning up problems during the initial phase and minimizing the
  need for services during later parts of the engagement.
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